Operational & Technical Accounting Advisory

The scalability of a company relies heavily on the strength and maturity of its finance function. CFOs face immense pressure to drive operational excellence, unlock value potential, and support strategic decision-making while meeting the demanding reporting requirements of sponsors.

At FINTECH ACUITY, our Operational & Technical Accounting Advisory Practice empowers the office of the CFO. Working closely with management and in seamless collaboration across our practice areas, we advance the finance function by implementing technical accounting standards and automation that streamline processes, optimize systems, and ensure compliance. This fosters a stronger partnership between sponsors and CFOs, leading to accelerated growth.

Prepared & Ready

Exclusive focus on private equity, provides support and empowerment to PE-backed finance teams as they prepare for audit season and financial statement preparation. Our team of execution-oriented operators understands the nuances of turning data into clean, accurate, and timely financial statements. Here’s what we offer:

  • Execution: As former CFOs, Controllers, and financial executives, we bring expertise in preparing financial statements efficiently and effectively.
  • Preparation: From bank reconciliations to full four-statement financials with footnotes, we draft, review, and finalize financial statements.
  • Management: We manage the PBC (Provided by Client) list and auditors, coordinate issue ownership, lead auditor communications, and address bottlenecks to keep tasks and delivery on track.
  • Remediation: Our team identifies deficiencies, streamlines processes, optimizes systems, and strengthens the finance function to ensure compliance.

Controller Support & Process Optimization

In today’s uncertain economic landscape, we help companies navigate the evolving marketplace by providing day-to-day Controller leadership and process optimization advice and execution. Our seasoned Controllers drive value creation by enhancing processes, accelerating close timelines, improving reporting accuracy and velocity, and preparing the role for full-time, in-seat leadership success. Here’s what we offer:

  • Leadership & Levers: We provide experienced Controllers who optimize processes, improve reporting, and prepare the finance function for future scaling efforts.
  • Process Optimization: We offer tools to remediate pain points, rectify gaps in process, people, and technology, and establish a solid foundation that aligns with the pace of private equity scaling.

At FINTECH ACUITY, we are dedicated to fueling the finance function, enabling CFOs and finance teams to excel in their roles and drive value creation. Contact us today to explore how our operational and technical accounting advisory services can support your organization’s growth.

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