Enhancing Cash Flow and Liquidity Power

At FINTECH ACUITY, we specialize in helping our clients achieve sustainable increases in cash flow, enabling them to fund value creation initiatives that generate enhanced shareholder returns. With extensive experience in liquidity improvement for private equity-backed companies, our experts focus on improving cash flow management by identifying the root causes of liquidity issues. We then design and execute solutions to address these issues and enhance liquidity throughout the organization.

Our Approach

Knowing Where to Look

We address cash flow management concerns through a comprehensive analysis of key areas, including:

  • Vendor contracts: Optimizing payment terms and conditions.
  • Accounts receivable balances: Reducing past due aged customer receivables.
  • Inventory levels: Efficiently managing inventory to deliver target customer service.

Leveraging Proven Levers and Lean Six Sigma Methodologies

Our Lean Six Sigma trained experts utilize a disciplined, analytics-driven approach to validate the root causes of liquidity issues. By applying proven methodologies, we design sustainable solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Elevating Accounts Payable Processes

We work closely with vendors to negotiate optimal payment terms. We also standardize internal processes, automate matching processes through technology, and assist in selecting and implementing automation tools to maximize liquidity within existing vendor terms.

Enhancing Accounts Receivable Processes

We develop collection management strategies tailored to customer segments, automate workflows to resolve collection disputes, incentivize sales teams to balance payment terms and revenues, automate cash application processes, deploy collection dunning automation tools, and optimize collection modules within existing ERP systems.

Improving Inventory Management

Using statistical formulas, we establish target inventory levels by location and SKU. We prioritize continuous improvement of demand forecast planning, standardize purchase order control processes, optimize slow-moving or obsolete inventory, implement best practice sales and operations planning processes, and reconfigure or implement planning and forecasting tools.

Developing Holistic Sustainable Solutions

Our multi-functional experts leverage current and emerging technologies, sales and operations planning processes, supply chain management, and balance sheet management best practices. This enables us to develop comprehensive programs that drive productive behavior, manage change effectively, and ultimately lead to sustainable liquidity enhancement.

At FINTECH ACUITY, we are dedicated to helping our clients optimize their cash flow and enhance liquidity, enabling them to fuel growth and value creation. Contact us today to explore how we can support your organization in achieving sustainable financial success

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